Mumtalakat 2017 Annual Report

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Working to ensure a continuous and coherent narrative about Mumtalakat with the organisation’s diverse stakeholders and audiences, our Communications and Public Affairs team continued to oversee proactive business engagement while improving our digital presence in support of the sovereign wealth fund’s mandate and strategies.

Key milestones in 2017:

Our business engagements in investor conferences were wide-ranging, including the Euromoney GCC Financial Forum, the 2nd GCC Logistics Conference, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 and the Future Investment Initiative.

At the same time, we have continued to play an important role in supporting the efforts of some of our strategic subsidiaries. Most notably this year, the Communications and Public Affairs team supported the development and launch of DANAT as a brand in the Bahrain market. As DANAT was established as part of our efforts to bolster national industries and to contribute to local economic development, we ensured that the company’s narrative was welcomed by its target stakeholders with key events, media outreach and digital support.

Similarly, as part of our continuous support to our wholly owned subsidiary, Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), we have been taking part in the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix on an annual basis. Our suite in the Paddock Club at the 2017 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix hosted our current and potential investment and business partners in addition to some of our local portfolio companies.

Importantly, our team this year enhanced our digital presence with a new website and the introduction of a digital annual report. Our social media presence was likewise tackled with heightened online engagement and the launch of a Facebook page, all of which were part of an effort to improve users experience of the organisation’s culture while highlighting its key accomplishments.

Fostering an online dialogue and appreciation for the work of the Group in contributing to the national economy were the the premises for the development of Mumtalakat’s first Group award scheme and online campaign – ‘Many Stories, One Bahrain.’ Recognising the efforts of our outstanding employees across our local portfolio companies in the lead up to National Day in December, the campaign showcased the essential role that we play in the support and development of the local economy, reinforcing our long-term objective of creating a prosperous nation for Bahrain’s future generations.