Mumtalakat 2017 Annual Report

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Our people are the backbone of our organisation. The Human Resources team strives to attract the best talents from Bahrain and around the world to ensure that the company meets its objective of growing the wealth of Bahrain for future generations.


At Mumtalakat, we employ around 90 staff whose development is prioritised through various training opportunities throughout the year. We are proud that 93% of our staff are Bahraini nationals while we remain committed to gender parity.

In fact, two divisions are comprised of 100% female employees. These are Human Resources and Communications and Public Affairs divisions.

Key milestones in 2017:

In pursuit of excellence, our HR team continued to focus on developing our people and processes. This was reflected in our young employees’ achievements of a higher CFA success rate in comparison to previous years. As we strive for the development of our teams both at Mumtalakat and within our portfolio companies, we conducted a number of training programmes including in-house trainings which represented around 66% of our training plans.

The year was particularly critical as we integrated organisational and individual performance more closely with our business objectives and launched a new automated performance management system. These initiatives reinforced our performance culture, through which commitment, excellence and accountability are promoted amongst all employees.

In keeping with our mandate for future generations in Bahrain, a number of our employees participated in the local Injaz programme, a non-profit organisation that aims to empower young people and foster entrepreneurship. As part of the programme, our employees ran workshops for school and university students and supported their endeavours in starting a business.

The year was closed by reflecting on and commemorating the work of prominent female engineers within Mumtalakat’s local portfolio in a dedicated panel discussion hosted in our premises. Female engineers shared their success stories on the occasion of Bahraini Women’s day.