Mumtalakat 2017 Annual Report

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Effective business planning and growth are supported throughout the year by the critical work of our Information Technology (IT) team.

Our IT team monitors and reviews the latest trends in technology and evaluates what is needed to support Mumtalakat at the holding level and its group of portfolio companies. Building and maintaining our infrastructure, our day-to-day business is more productive and secure.

Key milestones in 2017:

Our IT team continued to support our organisation and our subsidiaries. Most notably, we initiated a migration to Amazon Web Services, providing us with faster access and lower costs for data storage.

As part of our support to the various departments within the organisation, in cooperation with the HR team we launched a digital system designed to monitor both organisational and individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We also supported our finance team in implementing a consolidation system for Mumtalakat by extracting and storing financial information from all subsidiaries. We also enhanced security and authentication systems for our internal portal and set up a Mobile Device Management solution which allows us to have better control over laptops and phones connected to our network.

Likewise, we continued to support our portfolio companies across various areas. During 2017, our IT team completed the implementation of a digital system that included Finance, Human Resources Management System, Advanced Collection, Property Management and Supply Chain Management modules for our real estate arm, Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah).  Part of Edamah’s real estate development also required sophisticated hardware and software selection for a carpark management system, which will now be used as a template for all future carparks.